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7 Things First-Time Car Buyers Need to Know

Congratulations! It is finally time to buy your first car. You are probably excited but also nervous. It can be very stressful to walk into a car dealership and just pick out a car without any assistance. However, you do not need to worry about it. ? We have put together some tips to help you in the car buying process as a first-time car buyer. 1.Have a budget Having a budget and sticking to it will help you narrow down the list of cars you can afford within your price range. To set up a budget, you first need to calculate all your monthly expenses. You then have to categorise your expenses as either need or wants. ? Needs are things such as your rent that you can not do without. Your wants are things such as entertainment that you can do without. Once you have set up a budget, you can now cut back in some areas like eating out daily and instead save towards buying your car. ? It is advisable to keep your car payment below ten per cent of your net pay to avoid falling into debt. However, your monthly payment is not all you need to consider when budgeting for your car. Remember to factor in things such as repair cost, fuel and maintenance. 2. Research broadly With a budget at hand, you can now start researching cars that fit within your budget. Visiting online car marketplaces or local dealerships can help you get a rough estimate of what type of cars you can afford. ? You can use the Cheki True Price tool to compare car prices from different sellers. This tool will prevent you from paying more than the recommended price for a car. Ultimately, this will help you save some money. ? Additionally, you can read car reviews and get a rough idea of what actual car users think about particular cars. This will give you deeper insight on prices, specifications and event expected shortcomings of the car. 3. Explore Your Financing and Purchasing Options Buying a car is very expensive. If you have not saved up enough money to purchase one, you need to consider car financing options available to you. Some car dealerships offer car loans to their customers but their interest may be slightly higher since they have to handle the loan for you. ? If you choose a car loan, you should consider settling for a more affordable car and keep your monthly payments manageable. Remember, a longer repayment period for the car loan will lead to higher interest rates. ? It is wiser, to approach an asset provider such as a bank or Sacco to gather information on financing options before you settle on a loan provider. When applying for a loan, remember that the rates may be different depending on if you are buying a new car or a used car. 4. Consider buying a used car As a first-time car buyer, it may be tempting to buy a brand new car. This is not necessarily a bad thing especially if you can afford it. A brand new car comes with several advantages, amongst them, the new car smell, a warranty and maybe even after-sale services. ? However, first-time car buyers on a budget are advised to buy second-hand cars as they are more affordable. Cars dating back five years offer car buyers similar specifications and infotainment features as brand new cars. Therefore, you should not hesitate to purchase a used car. 5. Get the car inspected Before you pay for a car, particularly a used car, have it inspected by a trusted mechanic. Some car sellers tend to hide issues that the car may have and you are less likely to find out considering it is your first time buying a car. Someone knowledgeable and trustworthy can help you point out issues with the car. ? This will protect you from being scammed while buying a car. The car seller may suggest a mechanic to you but you must use someone whom you trust. If the car seller refuses to consent to a pre-purchase inspection, consider it a red flag. ? 6. Negotiate the car price Even though you already have the budget and financing options set up, try and negotiate the prices. It will not hurt to pay less than the budget you have. The used car market offers a lot of room to car buyers to haggle the prices since the cars do not have set prices from the manufacturers. ? Therefore, before you sign that cheque, try to drive a hard bargain. Use the KUV Price index to closely compare prices of vehicles in the used car market before you make an offer. You can take it a step further and shop towards the end of the month when the salespeople are trying to hit targets and are willing to lower their prices by at least ten per cent. ? 7. Check all the documentations Even though it feels like a tiresome process, you need to counter check the car documents before you buy the car. Ensure the seller has an original logbook and that all service receipts are available. The logbook will identify the real car owner. Do not buy a car that has no logbook just in case the seller is not the rightful owner. ? The service documents will help you find out if the car has ever been involved in an accident. They can also indicate if the car owner takes it in for frequent car maintenance services. If you are not sure about the documents the car should have, have a lawyer verify the documents before you pay for the car. Conclusion As a first-time car buyer, this may be one of the most expensive purchases you have made in a long time. There may be a lot to consider but we believe that these tips can help make your buying process easier. If you budget well, research deeply and plan accordingly, you can negotiate a good deal and drive off with an amazing car. Good luck! The post 7 Things First-Time Car Buyers Need to Know appeared first on Cheki Kenya.


How to Stay Motivated While Working from Home

Working remotely came along with its own benefits. Working without the distractions of long commutes, loud co-workers or uncomfortable office furniture. It must have been fun at the beginning. However, as the world adapts to the new norms, it is essential to come up with new ways to stay motivated while working from home. Failing to find the motivation to work leads to low productivity, especially if unchecked. The likelihood of procrastination is also high as little or no supervision takes place. This is why an individual must ascertain that they are able to work as efficiently at home as they can at the office. Here are a few tips to stay motivated while working from home: 1. Create a Schedule It gets easier to make to-do lists and checking them off when complete. This gives a sense of productivity all through the day. With a daily routine, one gets an organized and up-to date work structure that ensures work is completed within acceptable timeframes. If your work begins at 9.00 am, have a work plan that allows you to complete all ancillary tasks before then. Make sure any pending tasks are pushed into the various breaks you set up for yourself within the day. While some people believe in the art of multitasking, staying efficient with different running tasks is not for everyone, learn your strengths. 2. Have a Work Space It is easier to roll out of bed and pick your laptop to begin the day. As laidback as this seems, it is recommended to have a designated work station. This ensures that a balance is created between work and personal life, building up the necessary motivation to keep going. Working where you sleep can affect your sleep schedules, and ultimately your productivity. If the situation allows, create a designated work space to stay motivated while working from home. 3. Minimize Social Media Use The joys of working from home, among other things, include the ability to constantly be in reach your phone, TV and gaming stations. If you want to stay motivated while working from home, learning when to stop the distractions is essential. If you have to, disable the notifications until your break time, it helps put more focus into the work ahead. It is not about the constant breaks you take to read and reply to the chats, but it draws your concentration off work every time you get that notification. 4. Plan for your Personal Time It is easy to get groped into work and forget occasional breaks. While coming up with daily routines around working remotely, ensure that you have some personal time off work. Just like you would in the office, take occasional breaks to get food, exercise or read. This makes it easier to stay motivated as your mind finds comfort away from work. 5. Invest in Yourself With the new norm, it has been easier to find time to get online, whether for work or personal pleasure. While working home, there is more time to check out ways to improve yourself. A lot of online courses have been made available for employees or jobseekers across the world. A good way to stay motivated while working from home can involve enrolling into new courses to challenge your mind. As there is more time saved from commuting from work to the office, the extra hours can be used for personal growth. In conclusion, so much can be done to stay motivated while working from home. As long as an individual is ready to take on the constant challenges that arise with the changing trends, they can stay alert and productive. If your colleagues or friends are finding it hard to stay motivated, don't forget to share these tips with them! The post How to Stay Motivated While Working from Home appeared first on BrighterMonday Kenya.


10 Common First Time Homebuyer Mistakes to Avoid

The prospect of buying your first home can be both exciting and scary. Understandably— it is one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll make. Due to lack of knowledge, most first time homebuyers make mistakes that cause them to relocate after a short while and the hustle cost of buying a new home all over again. Luckily, with research beforehand, you can avoid these pitfalls. Let's discuss the ten common home-buying mistakes and solutions to equip you for a smooth-sailing experience. Not having clarity on your financial status Overlooking first-time homebuyer programs Shopping for a home before a mortgage Getting a single mortgage quotation Overlooking the neighbourhood Getting into more debt before loan approval Making decisions based on emotions Waiting for the perfect home Skipping home inspection Underestimating the cost of homeownership 1. Being Unclear of Your Current Financial Status You need to understand every little detail of your expenses and savings, to work out how much is available for buying a home.? Otherwise, you commit to purchasing a home beyond your budget. This can lead to foreclosure due to your inability to settle monthly payments. You will also lack money to cover any emergency expenses that come up.? Solution: Have a clear picture of your monthly expenses to assess how much money you can comfortably pay towards a mortgage for a home. Remember to also factor in all your variable outgoing costs like grocery shopping and your monthly saving goals.? As a rule of thumb, your monthly mortgage payments should not be more than 28% of your gross income. This percentage should, however, be lower if you have other debts.? 2. Not Looking for First-time Homebuyer Programs There are government programs tailored towards helping low and middle-income earners to buy homes. These can come in the form of a savings scheme where you make monthly contributions towards purchasing a project that is partly funded by the government. Others are subsidised housing development projects where, for instance, a four-bedroom house in Athi-river goes for Kshs 8.85M as opposed to the standard Kshs 15M-20M.? Solution: Look out for state-sponsored options available via your County Government website. An example is the Boma Yangu Project which is an initiative by the Kenyan Government under the “Big Four Agenda” to ensure that Kenyans have access to decent and affordable housing, despite having lower earnings. 3. Shopping for a Home Before a Mortgage House hunting is more fun than evaluating your financial status. It's not a surprise that it's the first thing you’d want to do. Shopping beforehand makes you run the risk of finding a home that you love but cannot afford. This might lead you to buy a home and get into debt. Alternatively, you could be discouraged due to your inability to afford it.? Solution: Focus on your finances first. Have enough for a down payment and closing costs then get a pre-approval letter before seriously shopping for a house.? You can, in the meantime, have a list of what you are looking for in a home. What are the must-haves and deal breakers? This will come in handy once your loan is approved and can now shop for property within the right price range. 4. Getting Just One Mortgage Quote Shopping for a mortgage is like shopping for the house itself: it’s wise to compare several options. Different mortgage providers charge varying fees, like closing costs and loan processing fees. No two lenders are the same. Lack of comparison could have you losing on a better deal.? Additionally, note that your mortgage expenses do not stop at a down payment and monthly repayments. Your financial provider charges several fees to finalise your mortgage processing. These could be around 3-5% of your total purchase price and include:? Stamp duty fee: between 2-4% of the value of your property.? Loan processing fee: approximately 1% of your purchase price. Legal fees: between 1-2% with a minimum fee of Kshs 35,000. Valuation fees: between 1-2% of the purchase price. Solution: Apply for loans with different providers to get a holistic picture into the rates and costs. You can start by visiting several mortgage providers’ websites for an overview of their charges and narrow down to four that you can engage. Most have mortgage calculators such as:? Absa calculator? NIC calculator Standard Chartered You can use the different quotations to negotiate for a lower interest rate as long as it's within the Central Bank of Kenya approved rate of 12-14%.? Afterwards, work out the closing costs for your purchase with the chosen mortgage provider and add them to your budget to assess your true financial position.? 5. Fixating on the House Over the Neighbourhood Perfect property is much more than the house itself. You don’t want to be in a home that matches all your needs but has surroundings that aren’t ideal. Imagine having to drive over an hour to get to a good hospital. Or your kids (current or future) having a long commute to school every morning. Solution: Hire an estate agent to help you with the neighbourhood research before settling on a home. They have a vast knowledge of the utilities, schools, zoning regulations and other critical information that will be helpful in deciding whether a neighbourhood is a good fit for you or not.? Also, take various strolls and visit the neighbourhood on your own at different times of the day. This would be a good time to strike a conversation with your potential neighbours and ask any questions, for example how frequent lights go out and the neighbourhood safety.? 6. Depleting Your Credit Before Final Loan Approval When applying for financing, your mortgage provider first pre-qualifies you for a loan. This means that they give you an estimate of how much they will lend you based on the information you provided on your finances.? The next step is pre-approval. They verify the information provided and perform the credit checks. If satisfied, you get a pre-approval letter which is an offer (but not a commitment) to lend you a specific amount of money. If your financial position changes, they are well within their right to cancel the transaction within a period of 90 days after pre-approval.? Solution: Do not make large purchases or do anything that will deplete your financial status, e.g. getting into more debt before you get an approval confirmation from your mortgage provider.? You can use the pre-approval letter to start negotiating for lower prices with a potential seller as this gives you a competitive edge. It shows the seller that you are serious; you can secure a mortgage and are more likely to complete the purchase of the home.? 7. Making Decisions Based on Emotions Buying your first home is an important step. This is where you will make lasting memories with your family. You might get attached and make decisions based on emotions.? However, remember this is one of the largest financial investments and recovering from financial mistakes could take a significant amount of time. A seller’s agent is well aware of the situation. Their aim is to sell for the highest price possible- and might tap into your emotions to serve their client’s best interest.? Emotional decisions can make you end up buying a home that is way above your budget.? Solution: Have a strict budget for your home and stick to it. Do not get attached to a home that has not yet been transferred to you.? Using an estate agent to represent your interest during the process will also help keep you in check. Discuss your ideal home and what you can afford beforehand and your agent will take care of getting a home that matches your needs matched against your finances.? 8. Waiting for the Perfect Home We understand. You are looking for a home that you will live in for a long time if not forever—so you want one that is perfect. However, expecting to find a home that ticks all your boxes can be unrealistic.? Waiting for a perfect home could mean passing up good homes in a great location and great pricing. You will also be limiting your options, which could make the buying process longer than necessary.? As the Kenyan real estate market is also cyclical, you risk waiting until interest rates go higher, or home prices rise.? Solution: Have a list of your must-haves, deal-breakers and compromises. This will help you to be flexible and keep an open mind. Remember that you also can upgrade your home later.? You can get a home that matches most of your needs and make improvements later when you are more comfortable financially.? 9. Skipping Home Inspection As a home inspection is not mandatory for your mortgage application, you might be tempted to skip this, being an additional expense. However, it is a crucial step, especially if you are buying a pre-owned home.? A home inspection protects you from buying a home that is not worth the asking price or one with structural issues.? Solution: Hire a professional inspector to pick out faults that you are not able to find, e.g. insulation, plumbing and ventilation issues.? Make sure to attend the home inspection so that you familiarise yourself with what needs to be attended to. You can have the seller do repairs, negotiate for a lower price or altogether decide to move on to a new property. 10. Underestimating the Costs of Homeownership Since you may be moving from a rental or living with family to owning a home, your usual costs could go higher. Additionally, there could be costs that were previously taken care of by your landlord or parents. These include: Higher utility bills Property taxes Homeowners insurance Homeowners association fee Equipment maintenance and repair Outdoor maintenance (e.g. a backyard) Additional furniture to fill more space Solution: Work with an estate agent who specialises in the neighbourhood. He/she will have information on property taxes, insurance estimate cost and homeowners association requirements.? When buying a pre-owned home, it's also wise to ask the seller to give you their utility bills for the last year. This will help you estimate how much it will cost when you move in.? To Conclude Now that you know what mistakes to avoid, here is a detailed guide to walk you through each step of buying your home. Getting buyer's remorse does not have to be part of your journey as a first time home buyer. Be ready to take up the commitment, have a clear understanding of the process and be in a good financial position.? The post 10 Common First Time Homebuyer Mistakes to Avoid appeared first on BuyRentKenya.
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